Hello. I’m Joshua. I solve complex UX problems, create beautiful and functional things online, and design systems that move the world.


My super power? Making connections between the user, interface, the function, and sustainability of the design. This is holistic user experience.

Joshua Menken User Experience Designer

“The process of design starts with exploration, but ends with refinement. The best designers carefully move from one to the other, making sure they spend enough time exploring before locking themselves into a design approach.” – Jared Spool

Success Story

My Role

Web and marketing consultant with Treasure Realty in North Carolina

What they were doing

In order to to show their clientele realestate listing they were using a website that was very static, developed with basic hard coded html, some inline styles, and had to be updated by hand every time a listing had a change from the MLS. After examination and some research I realized the company was not efficiently displaying their content, doing triple the process to maintain their website and had zero online lead generation. After researching best real estate based solutions and strategizing with team members to understand their needs I decided it would be good to hire a third party web company who had a .net IDX framework I needed. You may ask what is IDX? It stands for Internet Data Exchange. Simply put its a way for Brokers to display listings online in a very efficient way by parsing data from the local MLS. Lots of data, updated in one place that would refresh daily.

The Results

A robust website built on an IDX platform with unique landing pages to the marketplace. It included dynamic searching capability, videos, user-friendly functionality, lead generation/nurturing and more! The results were profound, in 7 months from launch it generated 227 trackable leads, lowered bounce rates from 70% to 20% almost immediately, and increased the overall user time on the website. The 100+ optimized pages helped position an established firm on the web better organically so that they were able to lower their PPC ad spend as well.