dont underestimate experience

Experience is priceless

The story goes: A ship engine failed, and no one could fix it. Then they brought in a man with 40 years on the job. He inspected the engine carefully; top to bottom. After looking things over, the man reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the […]

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art of the pause

Art of the Pause

Let’s take a moment and think… You see that wasn’t hard. Sometimes in life you must take a pause. Reflect on what has just been told to you. Choose to not come back so quickly with some kind of statement that potentially you may regret, or even worse, could never take back. […]

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Word Crimes

I read an article recently on about “When Shakespeare Committed Word Crimes.”1 It shared thoughts about how he had invented new words and metaphors as he needed them. The culture was changing at that time and his ideas added so much to the English language that we now tend to take for granted. I thought […]

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