Begins with some process

Why Coretrack?

The staff at the IAA Title Procurement Call Center uses an application seven days a week, all day long to help process work orders that come into IAA from providers like insurance companies. For years they had a custom application like Coretrack built in Silverlight. That technology wasn’t very supportable or scalable for the future of IAA. Hence it was necessary to rewrite the application into ASP.NET MVC framework.

The quicker the work orders can get processed the faster a stock (vehicle or other damaged equipment) can move through its lifecycle in order to get auctioned off. It’s important that this application is efficient and helps reduce this time. It is also important that features are built for better understanding.

My Role

I was the lead UX Designer that supported the provider services product owner and delivery teams for this application. I spent a lot of time understanding the users, solving problem spaces around the user experience and interface, function, automation, and much more.

Key Aspects:

• Clean customized design
• User Experience focused
• Front-end development
• Strategy
• Solving Problems

Technologies Used:

Sketch, Bootstrap framework, custom CSS/HTML, Visual Studio, Adobe, Kendo

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