Sometimes a code rewrite is not enough

While at IAA I was presented with a problem space to solve for. How do we make a better user experience for an application built in Silverlight that was being sunsetted but the company needed a solution in MVC?

Easy, start with some user research to understand what their current workflow is. Do an analysis of the current application. Help the Product Owner understand some interaction and design gaps. And then with a team build a new system to handle exactly what the users need and more.

End result… a flexible, scalable integration.

My Role

I was a lead UX Designer that supported the provider services product owner and delivery teams for IAA. I spent a lot of time understanding the users, solving problem spaces around the user experience and interface, function, automation, and much more.

Key Aspects:

• Clean customized design
• User Experience focused
• Design System used
• Front-end development
• Strategy
• Solving Problems

Technologies Used:

Sketch, Bootstrap framework, Design System, custom CSS/HTML, Visual Studio, Adobe